We love what we do & it’s been 20+ years!

Web Stores

BRAVE.net.au is an Australian owned digital marketing agency who can help you grow your business. Customers quickly gain trust in our work by learning how to create their online marketing strategies.

Our specialty is retail – building web stores that sell.

Often I’m asked how we got started on the web.
In 1997, we had a prepress business in the printing industry when a client approached us about building a web site.

You know how you get those nay Sayers, people who say no we can’t do it.

Well, I refused to listen.
I was determined to learn what the web was all about.

How could we help our client build their first website?

Did we do it? Hell yeah!

Why did we do it?
Because, I’m passionate about this tech stuff.

Is that person who said we can’t with us still?
Absolutely not.

The client I’m talking about is Coopers Brewery, we built several sites which were revolutionary for the time.

You’d be nuts to say no to them anyway.

Like Coopers, our clients listen to our expert advice, it helps you take courageous business action.

This is our Brave story, what’s yours?

Meet the Brave Team

Mike Mills


Combines his skills in business, marketing and technology to help you see the big picture. With 16 years of experience in the communications industry Mike has served a large range of clients. Since the beginning, his passion for building great websites has never phased. “This is one of the key reasons why clients continue to do business with us!“, Mike says. “We have several long term relationships which is a testament to us staying in business. Our clients are happy to talk about us which makes it easy to generate more business.`

His experience extends across multiple platforms, including ecommerce systems such as Shopify, Neto, BigCommerce & WooCommerce.

Kevin Wang

eCommerce, ERP

Kevin is qualified in finance management which is key to our retail and manufacturing clients.

Content marketing is at the heart of all our client marketing strategies. Kevin is also a sharp wordsmith who is adept in creating content and search engine ranking strategies.

He has experience with onboarding and managing eBay, Catch & Amazon sales platforms through customer websites.

Mary Fonseka

Digital & Social Media Marketer

Customer experience is the most important ingredient of the BRAVE formula, a key role of Mary’s when we start client projects. She is responsible for liaising about customer requirements and helping them to understand digital marketing concepts.

Mary is fully qualified as a Social Media Manager and has great attention to detail, which is why she is our in-house specialist. Mary manages & creates newsletters across various platforms for our in-house mailers and staff accounts.

Rochelle Morris

Video Director

The heart of Preface Films our video production partners, always professional and friendly. Rochelle also a key player in the Melbourne event film scene, helping to found Exposed Down Under. The workshop has been both a professional & personal achievement.

Donna Mills

Content Manager, SEO

Content management, over 10 years web development experience and managing clients information systems. A great collaborator who draws together client ideas and words into fruition.

Vic Trasmil

Vic Trasmil

Web Developer & Speed Technician

An experienced coder and web developer who has worked on small to large solutions covering a range of industries. Vic is in charge of maintaining our client websites, keeping them up-to-date and secure. He is experienced in Magento, Shopify, Neto and WordPress.

Nicole Paton

Graphic Designer

The truth is, I’m more than a designer. To be specific as a qualified product designer, I know how we can use design to make people super excited about what you do. I work for inspired people who want their design projects handled by a person who cares and can do a great job.

Nicole’s passion for design and working creatively is well utilised in many varied visual design tasks for both print and digital media. Her love of a technical challenge is demonstrated through her past experience as an Engineer and is now satisfied through the development of advanced websites and web applications.

Josh Mills

Brand Creator

Josh Mills has worked with clients like Samsung, Cadbury, AAMI Insurance and many more to develop creative campaigns that aren’t based around numbers but human behaviour. He knows how you and I can use design to make people super excited.


Happiness Hero

Meet Chili, the dog who thinks he’s a person and a member of the Brave team. Despite being born with four legs and a wagging tail, Chili sees himself as no different from his human companions. He aspires to be creative, dreaming of writing poetry and painting masterpieces, but his timid nature often holds him back. Nevertheless, Chili is a loyal and brave member of the team, always willing to lend a paw and protect his fellow humans. With his unique perspective and unwavering determination, Chili proves that being different is what makes him special.

Strategy & Creative

We think outside of the box with exceptional design services.


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step.”


Never miss an opportunity to influence the decisions of your shoppers.

Branding & Identity

We use your branding and build on it to create an outstanding web store presence.

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