Are you the Hero in Your Story?

Trust will make you the hero – How to make a good client relationship.

It is easy to pinpoint the villain when it comes to client issues. Here, we found it was the inconsistent brand message which occurred in their social media content. Combine this, a service we were currently not offering to the customer, with all the other services we were providing them, it was a dead giveaway. A seriously bad poker face you could say, that revealed where they were going so wrong.

However, the hero in our customer’s story is the marketing manager. They engaged company who specialised in social media management, but failed to correctly use and align their brand image. Others simple mistakes like grammatical errors and badly written posts started to creep in as well. Although this was a failed attempt, we had realised it was important to earn their trust in this area.

We did this by guiding them with challenging new ideas that excited the marketing manager and stake holders, and ultimately helped them become the hero in their story.

We’re in the business of Building Trust for our clients. Especially retail businesses in a competitive market.

Consumers need to trust the brand before making the purchase. Much like clients need to trust their business partners before they give them control.

We create trust by producing content for our client’s consumers such as educational and entertaining information. Helping our clients respond to their consumer queries and providing them with product reviews can ultimately help in the decision for which product is right for them.

Which all comes back to trust.

Our ideal client is someone looking to help build relationships with their consumers.

It ultimately leads to more sales! Engaging an agency like BRAVE can help build business, it’s an investment that any organisation should seriously consider when finding the right fit for their brand.

The building blocks of trust

It can be tricky to gain trust, especially with a well established brand that is so used to keeping everything internal and may have an issue of letting go of authority. It’s a much bigger scare to adjust to change! The fear of the unknown is a key factor we have seen amongst our customers. COVID-19 has definitely not helped ease this!

A few final ideas to help convert your visitors into customers by building trust.

  • Give them as much information about the product as possible.
  • Share the experiences of other consumers with product reviews.
  • Be upfront about all costs to make a purchase; such as shipping and handling.

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