Mathomat Shopify Web Store


BRAVE has been a big influence in the design & development of the Mathomat for years.

Mathomat is a collection of mathematical drawing instruments, tools and resources used for educating students in Australia and abroad. Brave begun working with the client many years ago, providing services ranging from graphic design to web design.


They continue to grow with technological advances.

As with all technology-reliant services, the Mathomat website was ready for a face-lift so we transformed the old site into a new, fresh and innovative site built to utilise the latest web technology, implementing the Shopify eCommerce platform.

Assessing the client’s needs

When choosing an eCommerce platform, it’s essential to choose one that will best accommodate all of the client’s needs and we knew Shopify would more than meet these requirements.

Moving forward

We were able to transfer our client’s old site into the Shopify platform with relative ease. Many of the products from the previous site were simply imported into the new site and added to collections that automatically fed them onto the new site design while others required a bit more work due to structural differences in how the products were implemented.

Delivery & design

The new shopping platform features benefits that were’t available through the old site platform and work in a cloud based environment. Much of the site was setup using the built in theme functionalities while many features of the site were added and adjusted manually by editing the Shopify liquid code in the back end.

Finishing touches

The Mathomat site was designed to be fully responsive for all web-based devices, making it look good and easy to navigate no matter what web application or device used to access this site. The final result is a beautiful and clean site.

Shopify Partners

Brave has proudly teamed up with Shopify to participate in their partner program, providing the opportunity to work directly with the Shopify staff to bring clients the highest quality services possible. An effective eCommerce website requires a collective effort between the client, web marketing agency and the various services required to get the site live and optimised for the most effective visibility in the search engines.