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ODC – Responsive Design

I was totally revved up when ODC Design asked me to attend a photo shoot of one their clients office fitouts. I’m a self-confessed F1 fan and this was in fact the Australian Grand Prix office.

I visited the Grand Prix office in Adelaide many years ago, but there was no comparison to the first impression I received when walking into the new Melbourne GP office. It was sensational, filled with awesome memorabilia and a McLaren formula 1 car that greets you on the ground floor foyer of the building.


Our clients primary goal; to recreate this impression for the first time visitor in their web site. The structure would unfold as a brochure that focused on a subtle look and feel with immersion.
Striking a balance between all elements of web development was essential to the success of this project. Asking the right questions, our forte, to help create a winning design for their site. For business-to-business, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is very important for generating leads. It was integral to the construction of the site after thorough research of their competitors and industry.
The final product was supported with a back end system that is user-friendly to help manage their online content. The web site was designed and built for multiple user devices and browsers. The use of a multi-template design, accommodated the different applications within the site.

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